We offer independent water testing services for MCHM


We catalog current conditions, link policy and management options with scientific data, and write detailed plans. We also perform economic and policy analyses, provide expert testimony and litigation support, and conduct field monitoring. We arm our clients with the technical expertise needed to improve and protect water resources.

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We analyze energy markets and the impacts of energy development on economies and the environment. We support strategic approaches to energy and climate change by developing plans, policies, and projects that are grounded in economic and policy analyses. We also assist communities and individuals in developing local energy and economic transition strategies.

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We offer expertise in land-based issues ranging from rural economies to food systems. Our services include land use planning, food system assessments, and economic and policy analyses for a variety of issues related to agricultural science and policy, energy, and food systems.

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Monitoring & remediation

We provide a diverse range of technical field services for assessing and remediating air, soil, sediment, surface- and groundwater pollution. Our professional field staff utilize standard operating procedures and strict quality assurance/quality control programs to collect representative and defensible data. Our in-house Licensed Remediation Specialist and diverse team of scientists can deliver expert remedial solutions that protect human health, sensitive receptors, and the environment.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are invaluable tools for storing, analyzing, and understanding location-based information. Our team offers extensive GIS expertise, including water quality modeling, natural resource management, policy analyses, and environmental research. We offer a full suite of GIS tools to support analyses, planning, monitoring, and decision-making.

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We provide a wide array of techniques to foster involvement and include perspectives of citizens and stakeholders to enhance planning, policy development, and decision-making. We offer expertise in social science research, as well as planning, visioning, facilitation, education, and interpretation. We offer interviews, surveys, and case studies.

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